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Website Designing is the most important aspect of website development. The site should be aesthetic in design, which reflects the theme of the site. Besides, the site should be rich in contents. Good design and rich contents are complimentary to each other.

The following features make a website a feast for your eyes.

We at Cyberscape use the above features in the websites according to the needs of the website. We keep in mind that the design should be attractive, the colour scheme - soothing, the graphics - original, the scripts - customised & interactive, the layout & text - consistent. We are very particular about the overall size of the webpage, so that the user is not frustrated while a large graphics is downloaded. We try to design sites which can be successfully viewed by a large spectrum of web-users, keeping in view the screen resolution & browser type.

However, some sites due to their nature are best viewed using 800x600 min. screen resolution using 4.0+ browsers only.

We specialise in the use of Indian Languages on the Internet. We have developed dynamic fonts for Indian languages, wherein the fonts are automatically downloaded and the user can view the website in the Indian language.

We have developed a no. of websites for overseas clients in USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Dubai etc. (

We have won the "CHIP Web Awards 99" for the designing of the website

Suitable layout and colour scheme.
The layout and colour scheme should be according to the theme. Background should be chosen carefully so that the text and foreground is easily readable. We use soft and pleasing colour schemes for corporate websites whereas bright and contrast colours can be used for fun or showbiz sites.

Quality graphics, photographs and animation.
It is rightly said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Besides, a webpage without graphics is like Indian curry without spices. Small animations may be used if necessary without adding much to the overall size of the webpage. A proper tradeoff between quality and size must be made while using graphics on the webpage.

Javascript / Java
Java applets are quite common and are freely available for lot of special effects, animations. However, applets are generally slow and should be used sparingly. Javascript is almost a necessity for effects like image rollover, glowing buttons etc.

CGI Scripts
The use of CGI / Perl scripts add life to the web by adding interactivity. They can be used for anything from simple feedback forms, guestbooks to complex database queries, shopping carts, opinion polls. We specialise in CGI script programming wherein we have developed a large no. of such scripts which are customised. (Please visit

The former stands for Dynamic HTML and the latter - Cascading Style Sheets.
Dyamic HTML offers you animated text, timeline (the events can be made to perform at specific time intervals) and better database support. The best part is that DHTML is backwards compatible, i.e. the old browsers do not prop up an error message.
Formatting text with HTML was never so easy and aesthetic but CSS has bridged the gap between HTML and other page making softwares. Multiple fonts, sizes, styles can be used consistently throughout the site using CSS. Besides, exact positioning of elements or text, supers-imposition etc. are now possible.

ASP (Active Server Pages)
The internet is all about choices, preferences and alternatives. Using ASP, pages are generated dynamically according to the viewers tastes, preferences and other parameters which vary from user to user. Separate pages may be generated for users depending upon their sex and/or age. It also offers good database support. We have developed a no. of websites which are database driven using ASP.

Business through internet is better known as E-commerce. The concept is here to stay, and is already making a dent in our daily lives. Be prepared for buying grocery, vegetables or even clothes or cars through internet. An online payment processing system, database & Secured Server Layer support (SSL), prompt & quality service are pre-requisites of the concept. (Please visit

It includes sound, graphics, animation, video, 3D simulation etc. etc. But we still are confined to 33.6k or 56k modems. Though these elements add a lot of value to the website, they should be used sparingly, and only if the theme demands so. Sound & video should be used only if necessary as it takes a lot of time to download even a small clip.
Streaming audio and video have however reduced the wait to a great extent, by playing the content whlile it is still being downloaded (Real Audio, Quick Time).
Similarly, animations have been redefined by Shockwave and Flash, where an elaborate animation takes only seconds to download. Sound can also be incorporated. (Check out the Piano). We specialise in the creation of Shockwave enabled websites using FLASH (Check out

Indian Languages / Other Languages
There was a time when a webpage in an Indian language was unimaginable. But Cyberscape, pioneered the use of Indian Languages on the Internet. The use of Indian Languages adds the taste of India to the website. Besides, it has a greater reach, even to the section which is not fully conversant with the English language. It has also developed a reliable solution for web developers wherein they can develop their pages in Indian Languages, and use dynamic fonts to serve their contents. These fonts are fine tuned for the internet and thus do not create problems with different browsers and certain characters in certain languages. Check out site on Maa Vaishnodevi, and Netaji.

Click here for Online Demo of Dynamic Fonts in all languages