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TheMultimedia CD ROM Visiting Card.

As the name signifies, it is actually your Business Card , but it can reveal much more than just your Name, Address & Phone Nos. In fact, your complete corporate brochure can be fitted in the SHAPE and SIZE of your visiting card. The best part is that it can also be cut in the shape of your Company’s logo if feasible.

The CD ROM s in their various shapes and sizes can contain several contents serving different purposes, as per your requirements. To sum up a few of them-

  • Corporate Presentation
  • Multimedia Presentation
  • Product Details
  • Product Demos
  • Sound Clips
  • Movie Clips
  • Interactive Demo
  • Virtual Walkthroughs
  • Technical Manuals
  • White Papers
    the list is endless...

The CD ROM could contain all the possible Multimedia effects like rich graphics, 2D-animations, 3D-animations, audio clippings, video clippings etc. This is bound to leave an everlasting impression on the individual or group that views it. Besides, the client can always check out your details from the CD. And for doing it he does not need any extra hardware or software in his system which makes its reach much wider. His existing CD ROM drive will be good enough for it. The presentation can be done in a fully interactive manner, providing the user with total navigation facilities saving him a lot of time and energy.

The name, address and phone nos, of the individual can be labelled on top of the CD making it look more similar to a normal Visiting Card. The packaging is also done in style with proper plastic jackets being provided for each CD to give it a more attractive and professional look.