Mission & Vision
Key Personnel

The company is engaged in software development with a specific focus on Indian language computing and applications. Only 3% of the country's population are english speaking and the current coverage of computers in India is just 1 per 1000. This is because it caters to only the 3% elite today. Even if the computer penetration has to be doubled or tripled in the next coming years, without the computers being language enabled it is well nigh impossible. We see a tremendous demand for applications in the Indian scripts in the areas of Office automation, Banking and Finance, e-governance, Internet web sites and portals, Multimedia content creation on CD/DVD ROMS and information kiosks.

With a wide range of products and project capabilities in the Indian scripts software area, our company is well poised to deliver the unfulfilled demand in the years to come. Moreover having handled the technical issues of complex Indian scripts, we are among the few Indian companies with the expertise to address the multi-lingual computing requirements globally. We intend leveraging our expertise in all non-English markets accross the world and be a global leader in the area of multi-lingual software development for both products and services.

WIth 125 ISPs being licensed in 2000 year, we also anticipate a boom in Internet penetration and usage in India. Drawing a parallel to the TV and traditional media where the highest growth in viewership and circulations are being recorded by the vernacular TV channels and publications as compared to the stagnancy in the English media, we are quite confident that a similiar trend will be seen in the Internet and Multimedia content creation area. To address these emerging demands we already have our "AKRUTI" range of products ready for delivery.

The funds being sought by the company are primarily to consolidate the products developed so far and to speed up the pending developments and create the much needed suite of Indian language applications software and for effectively marketing it across the length and breadth of the country. Also as stated earlier to expand into the global markets we need to open offices abroad starting with Singapore for Far Eastern markets and USA for the Western markets.

The company also intends to tie up with Microsoft as Solution Partners using the Windows platform and products. Talks regarding this have already been initiated. This will enable us to use the Microsoft "Made for Backoffice" logo in all our products and give a boost to the saleability of the products. We also plan strategic tie-ups with leaders like IBM and Sybase as Developer partners for the non windows platforms now becoming popular like "Linux".

The company intends to revolutionise the usage of computers in India by launching in end 2000 a novel concept of "AKRUTI Business Center". This product will enable any STD/ISD Booth owner by investing a small amount in a PC and our software to add on a complete business center service by offering, e-mail, fax, photo copying and photo printing facilities in Indian languages to all his customers. We expect at least 5000 booths across the country to use this from year 2001 resulting in about Rs. 2.5 crores revenue for us from this segment alone.

The company's software is already in use by Sun TV group including Udaya TV, Gemini TV, Surya TV and Doordarshan for titling their Video productions in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. We expect to launch the Akruti Video Titler to cater to the thousands of small and medium video producers accross the country and expect about Rs. 2.0 crores revenue from this segment in 2001.