Mission & Vision
Key Personnel

1981 Z- 80 based Offline Phototypesetting terminal
The first ever indigenously designed computer with Indian script entry facility.
1983 Asterix Publishing System
The first ever publishing system based on the above terminal for Indian script publishing compatible with the following backend phototypesetters like AM Varityper, Linotype, Monotype, Bobst, Compugraphics and AlphaComp.
1985 PC-Mate a Z - 80 based plug-in card for IBM PC's
The first ever IBM PC compatible PC plug in card for composing Indian languages on the PC and in some senses a precursor to the GIST card.
1988 Asterix Publishing Software
The first ever Hindi WYSIWYG Page Composing software for Ventura GEM (DOS).
1991 Akruti for Windows
The first ever Windows (3.1) based Indian script software.
1995 Akruti - 95 (Publisher)
The first Windows 95 compatible Indian script software for DTP.
1996 Akruti - 95 (Office)
The first Bi-lingual Indian script software for data base / data processing.
1996 Akruti - 95 (Personal)
The first low cost Indian script software for SOHO use.
1996 Akruti - 95 (Web Publisher) for Internet site creation in Indian scripts
The first ever Indian script WWW publishing technology developed.
1996 Indian Scripts site on Internet
The first ever site hosting Indian language publications on the Internet launched using Langscape technology at
1997 Application packages in Indian Scripts
The first ever suite of application packages in Indian scripts like WINBANK, SHUBH-LABH, SILKSOFT, MAPINFO Karnataka with co-developers.
1997 CMPL shortlisted by Election Commission
CMPL is one of the three vendors shorlisted by the Election Commission for supply of an ISCII compatible Indian Script Data Base software for electoral rolls revision.
1998 Platform independant browsing using TRUEDOC technology
A new technology called TrueDoc has been introduced by Bitstream and Netscape and supported by a many companies. We have implemented this for our Indian scripts.
1999 Launch of shareware version of Akruti Freedom & Shubh Labh
In order for Indian script usage to pick up we intend launching the shareware versions of Akruti Freedom & Shubh Labh, which will generate demand for the full versions.
2000 Multimedia Interactive TV Kiosks with Indian language interface
Development is on for a multimedia Interactive TV Kiosk browser and server software. This can be widely used at public places for information and entertainment. This will have a potential in the government, travel and tourism and hospitality sectors.
2001 cyBANK and cyCRED software for banking and micro-credit institutions with Indian language interface.
2002 cyDOCS and cyKNIT web based software for Document Management and Knowledge Management for enterprise wide integration launched.
2003 e-Karyalaya, an e-Administration and basic e-Governance framework software for state government departments and public sector enterprises with an Indian language interface launched.